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lakota woglaka Wounspe

K-9 Lakota Woglaka Wounspe Immersion School

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Lakota Woglaka Wounspe's vision is to create a new generation of Lakota speakers who will carry the Lakota Language throughout their lives and pass it on to the unborn generation.

Mission/Takwe icunk'unpi:

Lakota Woglaka Wounspe is Oglala Lakota College's investment in the contemporary struggle to preserve and revitalize the Lakota Language. It was inspired and defined by the Council of Elders to be created and developed by the Oglala Lakota College and it's President's guidance.

Belief Statement/Wowicala

As by it's mission, Lakota Woglaka Wounspe is committed to implementing the full language immersion method as designed, developed and implemented by the Aha Punana Leo in Hawaii. The Hawaiin success in our inspiration and model.


We have established and maintained partnerships with the SDDOE for accreditation, the OLC Education and Lakota Studies departments for curriculum, assessment and professional development, the OLC Head Start Program for recruitment and transition, the SDCANS program for meals reimbursement and Little Wound, Rockyford and Pahin Sinte Schools for student transition. The following our goals:

  • Develop traditional Lakota cultural knowledge.
  • Demonstrate Lakota language competence (understand, communicate effectively, orally and in writing, at grade level expectations.
  • Demonstrate competency in the core academic standards.

Our Path/Tokel Oaye

Oglala Lakota College began the Lakota Language survival school in 2006-07 at the Head Start program in Porcupine, SD at the request of the OLC Council of Elders. The current facility was built in 2010 and the Lakota Woglaka Wounspe moved into the new facility for the 2010-11 school year. LWW is recognized by the state of South Dakota Department of Education as a non-public accredited school.

Lakota Language is imporatnet to us!/Lakoliyapi kin iyotanunlapi!

The purposeful and exclusive use of the Lakota language throughout the day with the children is paramount. Our first and utmost priority is the transmission of the Lakota language as much as for the building of a meaningful and enduring sense of identity in our children.

Strategies/Tokel icunk'unki kte

Lakota Culture

  • Intergrate Lakota perspective across the curriculum.
  • Practice cultural protocol within the classroom.
  • Participate in cultural events.
  • Introduce cultural ceremonies.

Lakota Language

  • Learn the language in context through experience
  • Listen to and engage in conversation with a variety of Lakota language speakers.
  • Participate in Lakota speech contests.
  • Mini-lessons in reading and writing in Lakota.
  • Community presentations in Lakota.

Academic Content

  • South Dakota Content/Common Core Standards taught through the Lakota Language.
  • Transition support in English Language Arts for students moving into a traditional middle school setting.
  • Participate in academic contests.

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