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Pine Ridge College Center

Shirley Brewer, Pine Ridge Center Director, Phone
Loretta Red Feather, Pine Ridge Counselor, Phone
Bessie LeBeau, Pine Ridge Counselor, Phone
Chrysan Herman, Pine Ridge Counselor, Phone
Thalia Wilson, SSS Counselor, Phone

The Pine Ridge College Center is located at 103 Thorpe Circle on the Pine Ridge School Campus in Pine Ridge, South Dakota.

Welcome to the Pine Ridge College Center! We are pleased to share information about our center and our campus with you.

Our center director is Shirley Brewer, we also have three counselors:
Loretta Red Feather, Bessie LeBeau and Chrysan Herman. Each counselor assists students with Academic Advising, Financial Aid, Scheduling, Orientation and many other services. Our offices are always open and students as well as community members are welcome to come in and utilize our services.

The Pine Ridge College Center also has a Student Support Services office. Thalia Wilson is the Counselor in this office she works with a peer mentor and a peer tutor. Student Support Services offers a variety of academic support services such as tutoring, workshops, academic advising, personal counseling, career counseling, scholarship information and cultural activities. Thalia's door is always open and she'll be happy to assist you in any way she can.

PRCC has two student groups: the Pine Ridge Student Organization (PRSO) and the American Indian Business Leaders (AIBL). Both groups are active in the college as well as in the community. All students are encouraged to get involved in campus activities.

Our campus also has a dorm that consists of 12 units (6 one-bedrooms and 6 efficiencies). The dorm manager is Chrysan Herman, if you're interested in applying for the dorm, you can pick up an application in the office.

Mailing Address:
Pine Ridge College Center
PO Box 1052
Pine Ridge, SD 57770

Physical Address:
Pine Ridge College Center
103 Thorpe Circle
Pine Ridge, SD 57770
Phone: (605) 867-5893

Pine Ridge College Center Documents

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