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Pejuta Haka College Center

Stephanie Sorbel, Pejuta Haka Center Director, Phone
Denise Harris, Pejuta Haka Counselor, Phone
Gina Ferguson, Pejuta Haka Counselor, Phone
Anthony Barahas, GED Tutor, Phone
Fairuz Dakam, Student Support Services Counselor, Phone

Pejuta Haka College Center Documents

Hello PHCC Students; .

SPRING 2013 is half way done. (WOW)

Congratulations to all the AIHEC Winners we are so proud of you. ,
AIHEC 2013 – OLC Student Competition Results: Speech: Humorous Oral Interpretation: 1st Tyler One Horn. Duo Oral Interpretation/Humorous:, 3rd Wiyaka His Horse is Thunder/Tyler One Horn. Duo Oral Interpretation/ Serious: 2nd Dawn Arkinson/Tyler One Horn. One Act Play: 2nd ”Crazy Horse: Tasunke Witko Highlights” with Tyler One Horn, Dustin Kills Straight Co-Ed Volleyball: 3rd OLC Amy One Horn, Georgia O’Rourke, , Lavanna Under Baggage, Willis Zephier, Albert Two Bears. (Coach: Carolyn New Holy). Men’s Basketball: 2nd Brice Hornbeck & Spur Pourier (AIHEC All Tourney), Michael Apple, Willis Zephier, Skylar Hunter, Wade Medicine, Tyson Heart, John Charging Crow

Open Mic Night   April 12, 2013 at 6:30 pm. $20. Cash prizes for best of * Spoken Word* * Song* * Comedy* Monologue* 

Door Prizes and lots of Fun.

When Every Friday 12:00- 1:00 to all our new students come and learn what it is going to take to stay in college and have a great experience.
We have AIHEC coming up so check your emails if you want to be on a team and bring back the win for OLC...

Log on to Jenzabar to evaluate your classes.
Seniors Survey's we need these back and it is that time of year for the Proficiency Profile. Come in today.