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Pejuta Haka College Center

Stephanie Sorbel, Pejuta Haka Center Director, Phone
Denise Harris, Pejuta Haka Counselor, Phone
Gina Ferguson, Pejuta Haka Counselor, Phone
Anthony Barahas, GED Tutor, Phone
Fairuz Dakam, Student Support Services Counselor, Phone

Pejuta Haka College Center Documents

Hello PHCC Students; WOW how time flies by when you are having a good time. TWO WEEKS Left, so get your rest and your brains charged for those Finals Good Luck..


It will go until January 11th so if there is that special class that you need get into the center now and sign up don't wait until it's to late. Come see your advisor for help.
OLC Board retreat will be December 20-23..
There is a couple different ways to see what is going on at PHCC, The calendar on your Jenzabar, email, facebook and KILI.
Please check your email for updates about classes, Pell, scholarships, etc...
Check back next week for Orientation on Financial aid, scholorships, jenzabar and email