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How to write a Wikipedia article

So you want to write an article for Wikipedia? Well here is a small "how to" that will get you on your way.

The Beginning

The first thing you should do before writing any Wikipedia article, and that is search for it. Yes, you read right, search for it. There may have been some one else that has written the article you are trying to write. You should also try a few different title variations, as someone might have written the same thing under a different title. If there are no other articles that are the same as what you are trying to do then search for the title you want to use. WritingWiki.jpg

When the search is complete and you get the results, there are two ways to create your article. First you can click on the Title and you will create it that way, or you can click no the link that says "create this page".

The Article

Now you can start writing your article. There is a tool bar on the top right corner of your editing window. This tool bar will actually let you change how you want Wikipedia to treat your font. Each button does something different. The first or "B" will make your font bold. The "i" will italicize your font. The "Ab" will treat your font as an internal link. This basically means that it links to somewhere inside the Wikipedia, whether it be another article or image, this link will take you there. The next button which is a picture of the Earth will treat your font as an external link, or something on the World Wide Web. The "A" will make your font a Level 2 Headline or new topic within your page. The next button will treat your font as an embedded file. This means that if you have a file you want to display inside of your page you would type out the name of your file, highlight it, then click this link to embed it. The button which looks like a trumpet makes a link to a file. For instance if you would like to put a link in your page to a picture or song you have saved, this would be the button to click. The square root of n button treats your font as a mathematical equation. The crossed out W button tells Wikipedia to ignore it's own formatting rules for your selected font. The next button is a signature button, and inserts your signature and time stamp --RezTech 02:33, 13 November 2009 (UTC). Finally the last button will insert a horizontal line into your page. It is wise to use sparingly as it suggests. The reason being that it puts the line all the way across your page.

Now that you have the formatting down you can edit your article to look however you want by using the buttons provided.


If you want to insert an image into your article it is not a hard task. First thing you do is look on the top left side of your browser window. Next click on the link labeled "Upload File" and it will take you to the upload page.
Next click "Browse" and then find the picture you would like to upload and select it. Once you have it selected click "Open" and it will take you back to the Upload page, but this time it will have your file name in the line before the "Browse" button. Now you can change the filename before you upload your picture to Wikipedia, and type a description of your picture if you wish. Next click the "Upload file" button and you have just uploaded your file to Wikipedia. Now there are different things you can do with your picture now that you uploaded it. The first thing you can do is place the picture inside of your article. You can do this by typing "[ [image:picture.jpg] ]" except without the spaces between the brackets([[ ]]). This will put the image in your article with the original size of the picture you uploaded. Now let's break it down. The "[[ ]]" are brackets that tell Wikipedia to treat your font as a file. "image" tells Wikipedia that the file is an image file. "picture.jpg" is the name and extension of your picture. Remember the only extensions of pictures that can be used are: png, gif, jpg, and jpeg. Any others are not allowed. It will show your extension type when you upload your picture. The next thing you can do is change the size and location of your picture by typing a "|" in between each style you choose. For example: [ [image:picture.jpg|200px|thumb|left|alt text] ] would be typed in order to use a 200 pixel wide image in a box in the left margin with 'alt text' as a description of the picture. The last thing you can do with your picture is just put a link to your picture in your article. You would do this by typing: [ [media:picture.jpg] ].

The End

Now that you have finished your article and formatted to your liking as well as put in the images you wanted and made them how you want, it is time to save the page. You do this by looking at the lower center of the web page, and clicking the "Save page" button. You can also click on the other buttons and they will do exactly as they say. The "Show preview" button will show you a preview of what your finished article will look like. If something doesn't look right, then you can change it before the final save. You can also click on the "Show changes" button and it will show you the changes that you made to the page since it was created. It will show these changes directly to the right of your editing box. If you only changed a little piece of the original post you can check the box "This is a minor edit" and it tell Wikipedia that it wasn't a major change. If you would like to watch the page and be notified of changes when someone edits the page then you would check the "Watch this page" box. Remember that anyone can edit a Wikipedia page, once it has been created. So do not expect that only You can edit it. Please be respectful to others if you edit their page. Now that you know how to create a Wikipedia article, have fun and happy creating!!