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Why would I care about GPT?
In an era when 2 terabyte 3MB/s SATA drives may be purchased for under $100, it is quite conceivable that users would build redundant arrays in excess of the two terabyte MBR limit.
A Globally Unique Identifier Partition Table is a data structure that describes a GUID Partition. It consists of an GUID Partition Table Header and, typically, at least one GUID Partition Entry. There are two partition tables on an EFI Hard Disk: the Primary Partition Table (located in block 1 of the disk) and a Backup Partition Table (located in the last block of the disk). The Backup Table is a copy of the Primary Table.
Glossary, Extensible Firmware Interface Specification 1.1, Intel
Intel® created the GPT definition as part of its Extensible Firmware Interface (EFI) specification for a BIOS replacement.
Three main classes of software all require GPT support: the kernel, the boot loader, and low-level disk utilities. GNU Parted and the GNOME Partition Editor (GParted) are based on libparted and can handle GPT.
Additional information about the linux bootstrapping process can be found at: