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OLC Weekly Bulletin

Wicah’pi Cikala (Little Star)

Weekly Bulletin September 11-15,2017

President’s Office (Thomas Shortbull) ___ September BOT Meetings: Program Policy, Tuesday, September 19 @ noon at PRCC & Finance @ 5:00 pm at Piya Wiconi; Personnel, Wednesday, September 20 @ 5:00pm at Piya Wiconi; BOT, Thursday, September 21 @ 5:00pm at Piya Wiconi.

Personnel (Faith Richards)___Open season for the optional benefits will open on September 1st through September 15th. You may change/add/delete your benefits during this time frame. If you wish to make changes please forward the appropriate form the Personnel Office by 5:00 on September 15th. You benefits will remain the same unless you indicate otherwise. For your convenience the appropriate forms were emailed to all staff to make changes/additions/deletions Employee Enrollment Form for Dental & Vision Only & Wellmark Blue Cross & Blue Shield application. Contact: 455-6029. Thank you

Student Affairs/EAP/Retention (Wayne Weston)___There will be a training on “Etiquettes to Working with Students with Disabilities” Friday September 15th from 1:00pm to 3:00pm at the Pejuta Haka College Center in Kyle SD. We are encouraging staff and faculty to attend this training to learn hands-on approaches to work with students who have disabilities, this training will be provided by the OST Voc-Rehab personnel and an OLC student who will share valuable information from a student’s perspective. Also we are planning an all staff training in the month of October dealing with 504 Plans and ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) mandates, the date and time is TBA and you will receive an email once it is solidified. Thank you for your time and consideration. Contact:, Office (605) 455-6083, Cell (605) 407-7853.

Wazipaha Fall Festival (Leslie Henry)___(Editor/Wicah’pi Cikala: It has been brought to my attention that a few names were left off the winners list in the previous bulletin. We want to be sure everyone is honored for their participation so here is the “rest of the story.”) Beaded Jewelry category – 1st place to Kaitlyn Brave Eagle for her beaded Obama Bolo; 2nd place to Julie Bad Wound for her beaded Buffalo Bolo; 3rd place to Kaitlyn Brave Eagle for a beaded star necklace; 4th place to Eileen Apple for her Star Medallion. In the Arts & Crafts Miscellaneous category – 1st place to Kaitlyn Brave Eagle for her beaded moccasins and leggings; 2nd place to Julie Bad Wound for her Beaded Crown; 3rd place to Faye Hernandez for her beaded child’s bonnet, 4th place to Delane Has No Horse for his acrylic “Life” painting. CONGRATULATIONS!

Woksape Tipi (Michelle May)___Aaaaah..I have missed all of you....come to the library and be all you can be with OLC!!!!....happy!!! <><><> Native America Calling is a national call-in program that invites guests and listeners to join a dialogue about current events, music, arts, entertainment and culture. The program is hosted by Tara Gatewood (Isleta Pueblo) and airs live each weekday from 1-2 pm Eastern. Join the conversation by calling 1-800-996-2848. Wednesday, September 13, 2017 - On the defense against environmental policy Tribes and individual Indigenous people are increasingly in the path of oil pipelines and other energy infrastructure projects. At the same time, the spotlight is on a seemingly decreasing ability by tribes to alter environmentally harmful policies. One Lumbee environmental scientist thinks the environmental assessment for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline largely ignored populations of Native Americans in North Carolina. Tribes are also fighting pipeline proposals in northern Minnesota, British Columbia, and North Dakota. That's in addition to environmental fights in Arizona, Washington state and Alaska among others. What role does race play in locating potentially harmful projects? Thursday, September 14, 2017 - Native parent help on the chopping block Unless Congress steps in, funding for the Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting program is set to expire at the end of the month. The program provides resources for new families who can benefit from guidance in the first few weeks of parenthood. We'll talk with organizations that depend on this money to provide what they say are vital services for Native Nations. Friday, September 15, 2017 - Satire: not your grandm's fake news With headlines like "ASU Study Suggests George Strait Theory Replace Bering Strait Theory" and "Navajo Man Hikes Large Hill to Use Dating App," the satirical online paper, "Tlo'chi'iin News," tackles real political issues with a humorous Navajo perspective. We'll talk with the creator and some of the contributors about their inspiration and how far is too far when it comes to satirizing Navajo and other Native topics.

Student Activities/WBB Coach (Mary Tobacco)___ Reminder - Open Gym Schedule (walking, basketball, volleyball, dance, weights). Open - to OLC staff and family and OLC students. NO Gas Vouchers Provided. Staff & Student ID Requested September 5, 7, 13, 14, 19, 21, 26, 28 8:30am-2:30pm at Piya Wiconi Open Gym & Weights - Women's BB Coach 8:00pm-10:00pm Open Gym at Sue Ann Center - Women's BB Coach 8:00pm-10:00pm at Piya Wiconi Open Gym & Weights - Men's BB Coach September 6, 11, 18, 25 8:30am-2:30pm at Piya Wiconi Open Gym & Weights - Women's BB Coach 8:00pm-10:00pm Weights & Fitness at Fitness Center in Pine Ridge - Women's BB Coach 8:00pm-10:00pm Piya Wiconi Open Gym & Weights - Men's BB Coach Thank you. Telephone: (605) 455-2985. Fax: (605) 455-2987. Cell: (605) 454-5632. Email: Alt. Email: Hoka Hey Cantetinza!

Woksape Tipi (Michelle May)___Announcement from Archivist Tawa Ducheneaux. Greetings all! Carlisle Indian School Digital Resource Center: A New Source for Oceti Sakowin History, Memory & Understanding. We are pleased to announce that three members of Dickinson College who have been working on the Carlisle Indian School Database are coming to present and promote access and navigation tips for the database on September 21st and 22nd at Woksape Tipi. They’ll also be setting up a time at the Cheyenne River College Center on Saturday, September 23rd. This would be a great opportunity for anyone interested to find more information about their relatives who attended Carlisle. I am encouraging Lakota Studies and Humanities students and classes to consider attending for a needed make-up class or an extra credit assignment. Talk to your instructors! Either session on Thursday or Friday will be the same, so make room in your schedules to attend!

Development (Marilyn Pourier)___I would like to encourage faculty to bring your students to the Historical Center located on the administrative campus. From brochure (posted on website): As you walk through the historical center you will hear, see and feel the history of the Oglala Lakota people. See historical photographs and artwork displays that chronicle the history of the Oglala Lakota from the early 1800s to the Wounded Knee Massacre in 1890. An audiotape of this history provides greater meaning to the displays that you will see. The historical center honors the struggles of those who have come before us and have lost their lives to protect the Lakota way of life. You will also see on video a presentation by President Shortbull on the history of Indian education, the tribal colleges and of course Oglala Lakota College. The entire presentation takes 25 minutes.

KOLC TV (Tony Brave) ___ Hello To all and Good Day! Here is what we will be showing on KOLC-TV Oglala Lakota College this week into the next. Shields King. 7:01 - AM - Freshmen English 1. Second Week of Classes. 8:50 - AM - Lakota Culture Class By Warren Guss Yellow Hair. 10:16 - AM - 1890 Wounded Knee Massacre Descendant Society Conference. Day 1. Part 1. 12:08 - PM - OST Tribal Council Regular Session meeting. 2:12 - PM - Martha Marni A . Sandweiss, Talks about her book & Sophie Mousseau. 3:21 - PM - Freshmen English 1. Second Week Of classes. 5:10 - PM - Lakota Culture Class By Warren Guss Yellow Hair. 6:36 - PM - 1890 Wounded Knee Massacre Descendant Society Conference. Day 1. Part 1. 8:28 - PM - OST Tribal Council Regular session meeting. 10:30 - PM - Martha Marni A. Sandweiss, Talks about her book & Sophie Mousseau.

2017 Calendar/October/November: Native American Day Holiday(Offc closed, no classes) October 9 Veteran’s Day Holiday (Offc closed) November 10 Registration begins for Spring Semester November 13 Thanksgiving Day Holiday (Offc closed) November 23 & 24

OTHER: ARTS SOUTH DAKOTA. September 10-16 is National Arts in Education Week! National Arts in Education Week is a national celebration recognizing the transformative power of the arts in education. <><><> LT. GOV MICHELS ANNOUNCES VETERANS ARTS INITIATIVE. PIERRE – In July, Lt. Gov. Matt Michels was selected to serve as chair of the National Lieutenant Governors Association during the organization’s annual meeting in Nashville, TN. As chair, Michels announced the group’s initiative for the year would be to focus on connecting veterans with opportunities in the arts.

Festival of Books. Join us at the 2017 Festival of Books!! Now Accepting Exhibitor Applications and Advertising Space Reservations. Each year thousands of people throughout the Midwest converge on the annual South Dakota Festival of Books, a four-day event featuring lectures, readings, and panel discussions by more than 50 distinguished authors and literary figures. The 15th annual Festival of Books is scheduled for September 21-24, 2017 in Rapid City and Deadwood, SD. Vietnam veteran Tim O’Brien, who won the National Book Award for Going after Cacciato and was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for The Things They Carried, will headline this year’s event. Other featured presenters include novelist Kathleen Grissom, poet Heid Erdrich, National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature Gene Luen Yang, and many more!! We are now accepting exhibitor applications and advertising space reservations for the 2017 Festival. Exhibitors’ Hall is located in the Event Center at the Deadwood Mountain Grand.

NORTHERN STATE UNIVERSITY. October, 6-7, 2017. South Dakota Art Educators Conference. The first-ever statewide conference of South Dakota arts educators in K-12 through higher education. The Future of Art Education. Members of the South Dakota Arts Education Association (SDAEA) and South Dakota College Art Association (SDCAA) can plan to learn from, share and strengthen partnerships with arts educators at all levels across the state. SDAEA members will enjoy workshop/credit sessions. SDCAA associates can choose from informative sessions on a variety of topics, including artistic practice and common arts issues in our state. Don't miss this outstanding opportunity to meet new colleagues, form lasting partnerships and build on relationships within the South Dakota art educator community! Accomodations: My Place & Ramkota Hotel Best Western – Aberdeen, SD. Keynote Speaker: Dr. George Szekely, Professor, Area Head-Art Education, University of Kentucky, Lexington, Ken. Registration opens September 1 online or at the event.