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Here is one way you can change your password on Oglala Lakota Colleges' mailserver which is running SlamD - a 64-bit linux Operating System.

This is shown using a lab computer at OLC running Vista - a Micro$oft 64-bit operating system. Although the OS has been upgraded to Windows 7, the procedure remains the same.

Click on the start button and select SSH Secure Shell, Secure Shell Client.


Click the Quick Connect button.

Enter your “” in the field labeled Host name.

Enter your username in the field marked user name.

Click the “Connect” button.


Click the “Yes” button to save the key


Enter your current password at the prompt.


Type “passwd” at the prompt.


Enter your old password.


Enter your new password.


Re-enter your new password.


The mailserver will tell you password has been changed if you enter your password identically both times.

If this is not the case, then try, try again.


That’s all there is to it – type “exit”, press enter and you are done.

From a terminal window in MacOS or linux on OLC's internal WAN:

ssh -l <username>

enter current <password>

at prompt, enter <passwd>

enter your old password

enter your new password

enter your new password again

when you see "password changed"

enter <exit>

(To enter a terminal window in MacOS, open the finder, applications, utilities and click Terminal)

(There are too many flavors of linux to specify the location of the binary for a terminal)