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                                Oglala Lakota College
                Pine Ridge Student Organization Constitution and By-Laws

The purpose of the Pine Ridge College Center Student Organization shall be to serve and assist the Pine Ridge District students in their dealings with the Oglala Lakota College in their extra-cirricular activities, and with their academic affairs.

We believe in the right of each person to determine his/her future, to take pride in his/her heritage, and to live with honor today. We look ahead to see the realities of tomorrow, and to look back to see what we have lost. We build with optimism for the challenges of today with the use of our language, Culture, and History. We are not inferior to the challenges of the past, but with education we can move to create within our communities.

                                      Article I

The name of the organization shall be known as the Pine Ridge District Student Organization and whose membership shall consist of all students who are in good standing with Oglala Lakota College.

Any person shall be considered an active student when taking at least (3) hours of classes during the academic school year.

                                      Article II

The purpose of this organization shall be 1.)To serve as a liasion between the student body and the local college center. 2.)To organize all student activities. 3.)To keep students informed of the dealings of the local college center as a whole in which the students are involved. 4.)To form committees who will directly serve the students and move with authority from the student body.

                                      Article III

The Student Organization shall have at least six(6) officers elected by the student body and they shall be the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Piya Wiconi Okolakiciye Representative, and the Student Advisor.

Duties of officers shall be at the discretion of the Local college center student body.

President - 1. To call and preside over all regular and special meetings, and to carry out all orders of the Student Organization.

           2. The President and Vice-President are to become familiar with the President's duties in the "Roberts Rules of Order".
           3. Attends and reports Student Organization progress at Local Board meetings.
           4. Provides alternate signature for the Student Organization checks.

Vice-President - 1. Shall perform the duties and execute the powers of the President in his/her absence, and shall assume the Presidency in the event of such vacancy.

                2. Shall be the alternate for the Student Senator and be enrolled in a Federally Recognized Tribe.

Secretary - 1. Distribute copies of previous minutes or other paperwork to all officers, members present and to the Local Board.

           2. Provide full and accurate reports of minutes or other paperwork.
           3. Tape record the minutes of each Student Organization meeting.
           4. Publish minutes on the College Center bulletin board.
           5. Maintain the Student Organization bulletin board.

Treasurer - 1. To maintain custody of all the money that comes to the Student Organization and to maintain documentation of all expenditures.

           2. Provides signature for the Student Organization checks.
           3. Provides reports at each Student Organization meeting.
           4. Semester report of all expenditures to the Local Board.

Piya Wiconi Okolakiciye Representative - 1. Attends monthly PWO meetings on behalf of the Student Organization.

                                      2. Reports progress of PWO meetings during Student Organization meetings.
                                      3. Must be a tribal member.

Student Senator - 1. Attends monthly Student Senate meetings on behalf of the Student Organization.

                 2. Reports progress of Student Senate meetings at the Student Organization meetings.
                 3. Must be enrolled in a Federally Recognized Tribe.

(A) Any officer(s) of the Student Organization who missed two(2) consecutive regular meetings (unexcused) or misses three(3) meetings scattered will be automatically terminated.

(B) In the event of a termination or resignation, a new officer will be elected by the student body at the next regular scheduled meeting. Any officer of the Student Organization wishing to resign from his/her position shall be requested to resign in writing.

(C) Resignation and termination of officers: Any officers guilty of not performing their duties of in violation of the Student Misconduct Policy shall be removed from office. Such removed from office. Such removed officer may at his/her option shall have a hearing bye the Student Organization if requested in writing within 7 days from removal of office.

These officers of the Student Organization shall be elected during the September month by Student ballot and they shall hold office for one year. Any vacancy which occurs shall be filled by election at the first meeting following the vacancy and that officer shall serve the unexpired term of office. Officers shall hold office from September to September.

                                       Article IV

Section I. The final arbitrator on all procedures and/or questions shall be "Roberts Rules of Order".

Section II. There shall be a quorum declared for each meeting of at least three(3) officers a four(4) students in attendance for the meetings or will be determined by each College Center Student Organization.

                                       Article V

Section I. Order of Business

  • Prayer
  • Call meeting to order
  • Students sign attendance sheet
  • Establish quorum
  • Reading and acceptance of minutes
  • New/Old Business
  • Officers Reports
  • Piya Wiconi Okolakiciye/Senate Reports
  • Other Business
  • Adjournment