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How to Log Into Iloha – OLC’S Web-Mail System

Enter the OLC E-Mail Website:

iloha login screen
  • Enter the following web address into the address bar of your web browser:
  • Note: We recommend you bookmark this address for easy and frequent access.
    • My E-mail Address is: ____________________
    • My E-mail Login is _______________________
    • My E-mail Password is: _____________________

Login Instructions

  • After you enter the above URL (web address) for the OLC Email Web Site – hit Enter
  • This will take you to the “Gateway” page
  • A prompt will appear – asking for your USERNAME and PASSWORD. Your User Name or ID will be given to you by your instructor (via email) or by the registrar. At OLC, your USERNAME is usually your first initial followed by your last name and student ID Number. For instance, the USERNAME for Mary Jane would be “mjane9834” Use all lower case. Your initial PASSWORD will be the same as your USERNAME. If you name contains more than two words such as Mary Jane Smith your USERNAME would be your first initial followed by the first word in your last name and the first initial in the last word in your last name and then your student ID Number. For instance, the USERNAME for Mary Jane Smith would be “mjanes4398” Use all lower case.
  • Once you have entered your USERNAME and PASSWORD, click on the Login button.
  • Your USERNAME and PASSWORD are the same as your Moodle codes.

NOTE: User Names and passwords are case sensitive. We recommend that you always use lower case.

The First Time You Log in to OLC-Email:

To make sure your instructor can communicate with you, and for your own security you need to enter your Options and a new password the first time you log in to OLC Email.

Preferences on the Options Menu
  • Your “OPTIONS” Web Page
    • After you log on, you will see your “Options” Web Page and the system recognizes you as the user of the email account. (See graphic on page three)
    • In the Options Screen - set up your email account as shown in the graphic below.
    • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Apply button. The screen will flash and the Options page will reappear.
    • Click Identify after you click Options at the top of your screen
    • In the Identity Box , enter your Name and email address in the appropriate boxes
    • For example, use – Use the domain and do not use – see graphic below
Setup your Identities
    • Set this your identity as default - click the small square box to the left of set as default
    • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Add button. The screen will flash and the Options page will reappear.
    • Finally, click the Inbox in the far left hand side of the screen. The options page will disappear and the Inbox will appear on the screen
    • This is the only time the Options Page will appear when you enter into your OLC Email.
    • You must change your password. This makes your e-mail account and much less likely to be hacked.
    • Your OLC E-mail password may be updated using the following method:
    • Open your Web Browser and type into the address box and press Enter, follow the instructions on your screen.

Contacts and Group Management

A list of people may be added to your personal contact and/or group list in one of two ways.

  • Click the [+] to the right of an e-mail recipient
    • Find and click the [+] to the right of an e-mail recipient in the from column
    • The name and e-mail address will be added automatically into Contacts screen.
    • Fill in the appropriate boxes and then click on the Add/Edit Contact button.
  • Click the Contacts Link at the top of the screen
    • Fill in the appropriate boxes and then click the Add/Edit Contact button.
    • Please be sure that you type in the e-mail address correctly
  • Group Management
    • An e-mail recipient may be added to a group list by filling in the information in the group boxes. A recipient may be in two or mores lists only if the name or your recipient is changed in each group.

A Note About email Such as Hotmail, Yahoo, GMail, etc.

Many students have their own email addresses. If you regularly check your email (every single day because you work at a computer or are on every night at home) and prefer to only have one account, then use that as your email address in an OLC Moodle class.

However, if your primary email address is a free email account with Hotmail or Yahoo or some other free provider, you will need to use your assigned OLC email account in order to communicate with your instructor. This is because these free email services impose limits on the quantity of email you can receive and will “return” message if you do not clean up your inbox. They also limit the size of incoming messages and attachments. This can severely limit your ability to communicate with your instructor.

This is why OLC provides an OLC email address to every student who registers. Please plan on using your OLC email address for your classes unless you have an email address that is not a “free” email address (i.e. a work email address such as or, or an ISP address like and you check it EVERY DAY.

A Note About E-mail and Moodle User Codes and Passwords

The first time you enter Moodle, you will need to set up a new Moodle password and input your personal information into the system. Instructors use this information to contact you for the duration of the course, so it is vital that you keep your information up to date. If you change your email address during the semester and your instructor sends out a notice changing the due date for an assignment, you will not receive that notice.

Virus, Junk, Spam, Bulk Mail Filters

OLC's email system does filter for viruses, junk, spam and bulk mails. E-mails that are suspect of one of these types of e-mail are filtered and placed in in a virus, spam or junk folder. Please be sure that you dump these folders from time to time.

OLC Provides Three Web Based e-mail Portals for you use

OLC provides three web based e-mail portals for your use. Each has a similar set up procedure that was demonstrated for Iloha

These portals are: Iloha Mail, RoundCube Mail and Squirrel Mail. A link is provided to the left of each graphic below. RoundCube Mail Squirrel Mail

Congratulations! You are now ready to start your OLC's Email !