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Publish Files

Publish to Web Server

Web pages are first created on a computer workstation and then published to a web server. When a web page is published to a web server is it copied from your workstation and placed in the appropriate folder (directory) on the web server. Before the web pages are published, you will need to know how these files will be copied to the web server and the destination folder/directory on the server.

We have deleted our previous information that demonstrated uploading files via Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer now contains code that attempts to protect the user from activities IE thinks the user does not want to do. In other words, IE attempts to protect the user from him/her self.

OLC's technicians have provided a couple tools to upload files from a user's workstation to our web server via a graphical user interface, a GUI for short.

These links are:

Weeble File Manager

phpFtp: FtpScreenLogin

Publish to Moodle

Pages may be included with on-line course content in Moodle. The content may be a text file, pdf file, a graphic file, etc. The content may be accessed by the student through a mouse click in the appropriate section of the Moodle course. The process is to create an activity and then link to the file that is uploaded. The instructor has the choice to upload a file as the activity is created or to upload file into the course and then link to them later when the activity is created. This demonstration will illustrate the former.

Moodle step1.png
  • Open Moodle in your browser and choose the course in which the the file will be published as course content
  • Turn Editing On by clicking the button in the upper right of the screen

Moodle step2.png
  • Choose the block in which the activity will be located
  • In the add a resource drop down box choose Link to a File or Web Site

Moodle step3.png
  • Enter the Title or name of the activity or assignment
  • Click on the Choose or Upload a File Button
    • We will demonstrate how to upload a file as we create this activity

Moodle step4.png
  • You will now see the files specific to your Moodle course
  • If the file you want to use is listed, Click choose to the right of the file name
  • If the file is not shown then Click the Upload a file button at the lower right of your screen

Moodle step7.png
  • If the file is not shown then Click the Upload a file button at the lower right of your screen
  • This process is similar to adding an attachment to an e-mail
  • Click the browse button and search for the file you are looking for

Moodle step6.png
  • When you have located the folder in which the file is located click on the file to choose it
  • Select with a single mouse click
  • Click the Open button to make the final selection

Moodle step5.png
  • Click the Upload button to upload a copy the file onto the Moodle server and into your course

Moodle step8.png
  • The file you have uploaded will now appear in the list of resources
  • Click the word Choose to the right of the file name

Moodle step9.png
  • The file name should now appear in the box as shown in this graphic
  • When finished, Click the save button at the bottom of the screen. You may need to scroll down to see this button
  • The screen will change and take you back the the mail Moodle screen for the course
  • The link will now be present for your students

You have now successfully published a file to a Moodle Course