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Pejuta Haka College Center

Stephanie Sorbel, Pejuta Haka Center Director, Phone

Annette Red Owl Pejuta Haka Counselor, 

Gina Ferguson, Pejuta Haka Counselor, Phone
Anthony Barahas, GED Tutor, Phone
Tammy Steele, Student Support Services Counselor, Phone

Pejuta Haka College Center Documents

Hello PHCC Students; .

Spring 2014 . (WOW)

Pejuta Haka Tanyan yahi, Mitakuyepi Stephanie Sorbel emaciyapi nahan iyuha cante wasteya, Nape ciyuzape.

Welcome to Medicine Root, My relatives my name is Stephanie Sorbel I shake your hand w good feelings in my heart.

1st week of classes are done just 14 more to go it's going to be a great semester.
To all students Scholarship workshop is set for Friday January 24th, after that it will be one on one with your counselor Make sure to come in and get this done by February 6th after that it will be too late.

AIHEC, Billings Montana..

Check your emails and flyers that are hanging up around the center for the different competitions that will be happening.

January 31st Staff- Student meet and greet  

== We will be having an informal meet and greet for all new students this will give you a chance to learn about the different activities that will be going on through out Spring Semester ==

COLLEGE WORKSHOPS. Check with Student Support Office don't miss out on these very beneficial for College Success.

Log on to Jenzabar to check on your classes. Make sure you know your attendance and your grades.
Check your email daily for class information, scholarship and the weekly going on for the Pejuta Haka College Center.