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Passive Network Attacks


The type of network security attacks that I am going to discuss in this report is Passive attacks and what they are.

Passive Attacks

  • Passive network security attacks are in the nature of monitoring, or eavesdropping of transmissions of many types. The goal of this attack or the hacker doing the attack is to gain information or the information that is being transmitted in the message to gain a edge on the other party.


There are two main types of passive attacks and they are release of message contents and traffic analysis.

Release Of Message Content

  • Release of message content""" is easy to grasp just from its name and what it does it easily figured out also. In this type of passive attack a mail message, phone call any transferred message pretty much of sensitive information that would be intercepted or listened to.


Traffic Analysis

  • Traffic Analysisis a little more complicated. It is very subtle and hard to detect it would be like this if we had a way to hide the information on a message and the hacker still viewed the information this would be a traffic analysis attack.

Passive attacks are very hard to detect because they don’t damage or change the information so you can’t tell they have been attacked. There are many different programs out there than can help monitor against this type of network attack and against many other attacks. Again these are made for spying and for the attacker not to be noticed.



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