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Pahin Sinte College Center

Janice Richards, Pahin Sinte Center Director, Phone
Alva Good Crow, Pahin Sinte Counselor, Phone
Jamie Fast Wolf, GED Tutor, Phone

Pahin Sinte College Center is located on Pahin Sinte Owayawa Drive.

The staff at Pahin Sinte College Center would like to Welcome back our returning students as well as new up coming students.

Our Center Director is Janice Richards,

PSCC Center Counselor is Alva Good Crow. Counselor's mission is to help students with Financial Aid, Academic Advising, Scheduling, Freshman Orientation and other services students need to accomplish their goals and dreams in college. Our offices are always open to the students

PSCC GED Tutor is Jamie Fast Wolf. Community Continuing Education Department The purpose of the program is to assist all community members with the opportunity of receiving a G.E.D

PSCC Student Support Services Counselor is Monica Spider. SSS Counselor's mission is to provide Academic Advising, Student Workshops, Scholarship Information, as well as providing information on the program and their mission statement to the students to help them continue their Education.

PSCC other staff are Ernest Weston as the Janitor.

Mailing Address: Pahin Sinte College Center P.O. Box 220 Porcupine,SD 57772


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