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Nursing College Center

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Oglala Lakota College - Department of Nursing

The Oglala Lakota College has had an Associate Degree program in nursing since 1986. It is reservation based, being located in Pine Ridge, South Dakota on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. The program bases its model of nursing on the four traditional Lakota values of Respect, Generosity, Wisdom, and Courage.

This program offers academic excellence and prepares an Associate Degree nurse who is aware of existing nursing (health) care needs of individuals and families.

Unique Aspects and Qualities

The Department of Nursing at Oglala Lakota College:

1.) is only one of three reservation based nursing programs in the nation that is operated by a tribal college,

2.) incorporates Lakota beliefs and values into the nursing curriculum,

3.) provides individualized instruction because classes are small,

4.) uses state-of-the-art educational materials within a new facility

Department of Nursing Educational Outcomes

The Oglala Lakota College Department of Nursing prepares the Associate Degree Nursing graduate who will:

WOWHOLA - Respect

1. Evaluate the role of culture in shaping the clients values, beliefs, and lifestyles, and learning styles.
2. Maintain effective communication with the client, family members and members of the health team, recognizing cultural influences on communication styles.

WOKSAPE - Wisdom

1. Integrate knowledge from the biophysical and social sciences and the humanities into the knowledge base for safe nursing practice.
2. Evaluate the role of Lakota value systems in promoting, maintaining, and restoring balance/wholeness at all developmental levels.
3. Provide health information and skills required to facilitate client achievement of function/balance.


1. Utlize the nursing process as the means to provide care to clients.
2. Perform the technical nursing care skills competently for individuals with common health imbalances in structured health settings.
3. Provide nursing care to groups of clients in well-defined settings under designated supervision.


1. Practice and advance within the professional, legal and ethical framework of nursing.
2. Assume continued responsibility and accountability for one's own personal/professional growth.

Request For Information

Need information on the Associate of Arts in Nursing Degree offered through Oglala Lakota College? Please contact us.

We would like to thank you for your interest in our Nursing Program here at Oglala Lakota College (OLC). Our program is made up of a group of exceptional staff and faculty working towards the common goal of making our students exceptional nurses.

The OLC Nursing program offers our students the following benefits:

  • an opportunity to learn in a state of the art facility
  • with some of the most up-to-date laboratory equipment
  • a full 22 station online computer lab
  • a very comprehensive medical library
  • dorm within walking distance
  • outstanding clinical practice in area facilities
  • smaller class sizes for more one-on-one instruction

Contact Us

Oglala Lakota College
Department of Nursing
P.O. Box 861
Pine Ridge, SD 57770

E-mail: Judy Dawkins

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