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Native Theory

What is a Native Theory?

As I begin an attempt to philosophize my opinion on what my native theory is, I cannot help but state I am no philosopher. Native theory is something that cannot come from one mind or one person. Native theory is part of the beliefs from which the Lakota[1] creator has given us. We are not meant to understand the gifts we are presented, so many of us think we are meant to.


I never had any idea of such a subject until the Lakota Psychology class instructor elaborated during a seemingly normal class session. During a normal class, a medicine wheel is drawn on the board and Lakota and English words are written into one side then the other. This particular day’s subject was “Linear thinking”. I will never forget what was discussed as it will help me begin my own native theory which I believe I will ponder until the day I make my journey to the other side. I am young when I speak in the sense of; I only know five years of my life where I am always hungry for Lakota knowledge and teachings. I’ve always been exposed to the medicine wheel[2] teachings throughout my life although I have never been truly understanding until five years ago.

Picture of a Lakota Medicine Wheel

Balance was always my goal when applying the four parts of the medicine wheel teachings, spirituality, emotionality, physical well-being, and mental well-being. These four subjects I believe help me maintain my sanity in my quest for humility. I find when I concentrate on one aspect, I lose focus. The native theory that was exposed upon me that day was so obvious yet so amazing to me at the same time. “Use Wounsila and remove the lines within the circle….make everything as one…make everything three-dimensional….” This theory is without end for me, I will continue to search for this possibility for a long time to come. Linear Thinking in itself is bound by its definition, which is; “a process of thought following known cycles or step-by-step progression where a response to a step must be elicited before another step is taken.“[3] This definition is antonymous with what a native theory truly is.

Removing the lines within the circle

With that being said, when considering the removing of the lines in the medicine wheel everything becomes intertwined even though the four aspects are already connected within the circle. Linearly a circle is just that but, if you think scientifically a circle is a sphere in which everything is contained. I cannot fathom a native theory linearly speaking. Everything inside the medicine circle theory is not done in a step-by-step approach. Everything is connected in every direction therefore not possible without the other aspect. A native theory would be that of which only the creator could lead us to experience, and not to try and understand, no lines to divide, everything is as one. Take for example; the earth we live in is a dimension within itself. Everything within the earth is made possible by way of another. Our earthly dimension is barely a fraction of what is our true existence, our Wakan, our spiritual presence that enables our physical beings to exist, ultimate gift of life from all that is holy. Our creator has gifted us with the existence on this earth and the ability to choose our own destinies from our own decisions. The native theoretical possibilities are endless. I believe in removal of the lines within the medicine wheel teachings yet, I am barely in my infancy in understanding my own existence. This is where I need to break from my linear thinking and begin to understand what I can do within myself to remove the lines so the four aspects can function within each other and not by each other. The possibility of this happening could be the equivalent of finding true bliss and utter peace. Is this not what we subconsciously desire, peace? I believe seeking peace and harmony is key to crossing over to the other dimensions when we leave this earthly realm.

New Beginning

My idea of a native theory is only in its own new beginnings. Continue seeking the teachings of the medicine wheel; apply it to my life without trying to understand, but to live the aspects. Become a master of balance, with the ultimate goal of removing the lines. Balance should not be sought as a daily goal but as natural quality, like taking breaths of air. I have a long journey if I am to attempt this amazing feat in my short lifespan on this earthly realm. Currently, finding peace in physical form is very difficult. Linearly, I was content with the idea of living the rest of my life balancing the four aspects of my life, yet I was only beginning. Even mathematically speaking, three-dimensional is unable to explain my native theory. Math and physics define three-dimension as space defined by a minimum number of coordinates needed to specify a given point within that space. In my belief, math and physics cannot even begin to explain what the medicine wheel theory, without lines, three-dimensionally, has to offer.

New Focus

With the theory successfully obtained by one mind it can then be taught and practiced by the people who also seek to remove the lines. If the people were to achieve this possibility of becoming balanced without trying to maintain balance, they could become equivalent to living, breathing, spiritual beings. The people would not think linearly about materialistic things of this earthly realm. Although, we would maintain physical sustenance through food and water, our people would evolve into something greater. Our people would be able to rid the world of all the negativity surrounding our daily lives because we would be interconnected spiritually with the goal of propelling our spiritual selves back and forth between dimensions. Our focus would not be on earthly negativity, only focus on universal harmony, together, as one mind. My native theory will continue to grow and become nurtured by positive thoughts and feelings. The Lakota Psychology class and Instructor Bryant High Horse have provided me with a new ambition. My newly born aspiration would be to achieve the goal of incorporating a lifestyle that will interconnect my modern lifestyle with that of my Lakota lifestyle. Currently, I live a routine of waking up, praying, getting my nephew ready for head start while getting ready for work. Then I usually exercise following work and concentrate on my Bachelor’s degree pursuit in the evenings. When it is possible, I drive to the reservation to attend purification ceremonies, and to help sing. I understand how I maintain a lifestyle that keeps me busy at all times, and that I am connecting certain aspects without realizing. During my normal routine I also realize that if I did not try to stay balanced within, I would lose focus. In order to achieve the native medicine wheel theory, with no boundaries, I am to extend my mind. Imagine what I could accomplish in my current journey to show our youth that education, sobriety, and positive endeavors are easier to achieve than previously thought.

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