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Native Americans have been depicted in many different video games. Characters that represent different (fictional and non-fictional) tribes across north, south, and central america have all been used, either as main charcter, supporting charcter, or in some cases the games antagonists. This article is an attempt to document these charcters that have been used in this popular from of media, and any stereotypes that are used to depict Native Americans in video games. Whether you like these characters listed (some are likeable) or hate them, they are how the video game industry portray Native Americans.



Mortal Kombat is a video game where two opponents fight to death with martial arts and weapons. Nightwolf is a charcter not affiliated with any real tribe, but exhibits stereotypical charcteristics. Nightwolf uses an energy Bow and Arrow and a tomahawk to dismantle his opponents. In one of Nightwolf's finishing moves, he can shapeshift into a wolf and devour his beaten opponent.



Street Fighter 2 is a game where two opponets try and knock each other out using martial arts. T.Hawk (Thunder Hawk) is a Native American from Mexico. T.hawks signiture moves include the Rising Hawk and the Mexican Typhoon.

Tam Tam


Samurai Showdown is fighting games where warriors from around the globe duel with weapons, mainly swords. Tam Tam is charcter that represents Natives from South America.



Whomp'em is an adventure game where the main chracter is Native American. The protaganist uses a spear to defeat his enemies.



Turok is a video game series that is based off the comic books, Turok: Son of Stone, and Turok: Dinosaur Hunter. The video games are a sci-fi adventers where you play as a Native Americans that hunt dinosaurs. Turok uses a variety of weapons to defeat his enemies, but his main weapon is a Bow and Arrow.

Vulcan Raven


Vulcan Raven appears as a boss charcter in the game: Metal Gear Solid. Raven is an inuit shaman, that can catch glimpses of the future. In the game dialouge between Raven and the protagonist "Solid Snake", Raven makes a reference to the Lakota tribes by telling Snake that "Sioux means Snake."

Colton White


The main charcter in the video game GUN. Colton is of mixed blood heritage from the Apache and some European tribe. The game revolves aroun a ridiculous wild west tale, that has your charcter killing both Native Americans and Europeans. One of your side missions include hunting and killing the "rare white buffalo."

Red Harlow


Red is the main charcter in the game by Rockstar titled Red Dead Revolver. Red Harlow if from mixed ancestory, his mother is from the "Red Wolf Tribe." In Red Dead Revolver, you play as a bounty hunter whom seeks revenge for his parents death.

The Native Girl Tied to a Pole


In the video game Custer's Revenge, you play as General Custer, whom get's his revenge by raping a Native girl tied to a post. This game was for the Atari 2600.

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