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Iktomi and the Squirrels

One day Iktomi was walking along wondering how he could get some food. Iktomi was always hungry and this day was no different.

He found himself walking along a river, thinking of some way to get food in his growling belly.

He got very tired and decided to sit down and rest for a little while. While he was sitting there by the river bank, he noticed some ground squirrels.

These squirrels were going back and forth to a mound, and digging at something. He observed that the squirrels dug at the mound, put something into it, covered it, and scampered back to some bushes by the water.

Iktomi waited patiently, thinking he would catch one to fill his belly. After a few tries, he gave up the chase, he was too tired and hungry.

All of a sudden, he got an idea. He went straight to the mound and dug away the leaves and sticks to reveal the squirrels' treasure, which looked like berries of some type. Iktomi dug the berries out, and ate the whole stash, which was quite a bit.

After eating the last one and feeling very full, he decided he needed some water. Iktomi went down to the riverbank and drank his fill, feeling very pleased with himself.

Soon he started to feel very uncomfortable, due to the water causing the berries to swell and expand in his stomach. These berries are a wild version that grows by the water, and are similar to what is now cooked in water and makes soup or chili. Pretty soon, Iktomi was rolling around in the dirt, uncontrollably farting and raising a lot of dirt.

Two warriors passing by came upon this sight. The younger one asked the older one what is it causing all the dust and commotion? The older one remarked that it was just Iktomi- up to no good again!

  • Guy Dull Knife.2000.Dull Knife Hill "Iktomi and the Squirrels"

Iktmoi comes to town

One day while Iktomi was wandering the plains he came accross a village which wasn't all that known. The village was a little one, not much bigger then the one he left behind. So in the village he roamed, looking for something to do, he came across a man who seemed less then ordinary. The man he found wasn't all well known, but he had a sens of self above all others.

So Iktomi told this man you should be more revered then any one else in this village. The man being so proud agreed. Iktomi then told the man, "If you bring me this plant I will give you powers which will help you achieve whatever you want."

So off the man went in search of this plant. First, he searched around the town, then he started his searching abroad. While this man was searching, Iktomi went to this man's family and became friendly with them. The farther this man went to search, the friendlier Iktomi got with his family.

After a year had passed the man came back with the plant Iktomi had asked for, but Iktomi was no where to be found. So the man decided to take the plant back to his house and wait. But when he returned home, he returned to an empy house. His wife and child were nowhere to be seen All he seen was a note written by Iktomi.

The note told of how he, Iktomi, went to his family after the man started searching for personal gain. Being as proud as you are, as selfish as you could be, when you left to obtain personal gain you lost everything you had. This was the final line of the note.

  • Will White Eyes.2008."Iktomi Comes To Town"