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Install GNOME DESKTOP to your EEE PC!! ...NOTE: Install and Configure at your own Risk!!...

The first step in installing GNOME to your EEE PC is to install the Xandros repositories. They can be found at

The next step is to open a terminal to access the commandline. This can be done by using the Control-Alt-T keys simultaneously.

Type in:

 sudo bash

NOTE: Because Xandros is derived from Debian I have found that you can't log in as root by typing in su, therefore, you can only run commands as root by typing in sudo like you do in Ubuntu and other Debian linux flavors.

Now type in:

 apt-get install gnome

When install is completed you need to back up your script file. This can be done by typing the command:

 cp /usr/bin/ /usr/bin/

Now, we need to edit the start script file by using a text editor by typing the command:

 nano usr/bin/ 


 pico usr/bin/

In the start simple script file we need to change "exec startkde" to "exec gnome-session" in order to launch the GNOME Desktop.

When you have changed "exec startkde" to "exec gnome-session" type Control-O keys simultaneously to save the script file with the current changes. Next, type in Control-X keys simultaneously to exit your text editor.

You should exit to your command line. Now type in:


twice to exit the termial.

Now, restart your EEE PC...NOTICE: The button for Full Desktop (Advanced Mode)to the far left of your shutdown and restart buttons. You will click that button after you have restarted your EEE PC to access the GNOME Desktop.