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He Sapa (Extension) College Center

Shirley Lewis, He Sapa Center Director, Phone
Ginna Arguello, He Sapa Counselor, Phone
Darelyn Runnels, He Sapa Counselor, Phone
Leatrice Wilson, He Sapa Counselor, Phone
Madonna Wright, He Sapa Counselor, Phone
Jackie Alcantar, He Sapa Counselor, Phone

HeSapa Events

He Sapa Center is located at 127 Knollwood Dr. in Rapid City South Dakota.

The Center Director is Shirley Lewis. Assistant to the Director is Ginna Arguello. He Sapa College Center has four Accademic Counselors, Leatrice Wilson, Madonna Wright, Darelyn Runnels and Jackie Alcantar. Each counselor has a case load of 100 plus students that they follow throughout the student's accademic career. He Sapa College Center is dedicated to the Mission, Vision, Purpose and Values of Oglala Lakota College. We are, "Rebuilding the Lakota Nation through Education".

He Sapa also has a Student Support Services office, which oversees tutoring, labs and workshops throughout the semester. A peer mentor, Vaughn Vargas, and peer tutors are available upon request.

We have two student groups, Student Organization and American Indian Business Leaders. Each of these groups are active in the College as well as in the community. They assist with community Wacipis, dinners and various other activities that come up during the semester.

Stop by, pick up a catalog and calendar. Have a cup of coffee.

L-R Ginna, Leatrice, Madonna, Shirley

He Sapa College Center Documents

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