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Distance Learning - Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Computer Requirements for an online courses?

Or, What are the minimum technical requirements?

  • Access to email and the Internet
  • A current Internet Browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari.
  • Current version of an operating system, a word processing package, a spreadsheet package, presentation software, Adobe Reader, and the Macromedia Flash Player (
  • Microphone for group presentations and/or the web camera is optional
  • Since this course involves sending and receiving large files of information and meeting online, you may find that a high speed Internet connection is advantageous.

Please refer to the Distance Learning - Computer Requirements page for more details.

How do I send in and receive assignments?

To Turn In Work…. If you are trying to turn in work, there will be a link that has the assignment name. • Save the file you want to turn in on your computer. Make sure you can find it. • In Moodle, under the paper assignment link there is a link with the assignment name – Click this link • Click Browse • Find the paper or assignment on your computer ---click on the file name, then click open • Click upload this file • Click Continue

How do I interact with my instructor?

When will my classes meet?

How much time will my class take per week?

Or, What are my time commitment and weekly participation requirements?

To be successful in an online course, each student must be willing to allocate sufficient time to access course materials, participate in online class activities and complete all of the assignments. Similar to traditional courses, you will interact with the course materials, your teacher, and your classmates a minimum of three times each week through course assignments, synchronous meetings, and asynchronous discussion as indicated in this syllabus. You should plan to schedule 12 to 15 hours per week.

Do online class have start and end dates?

How many weeks will each course take?

How will my assignments be graded?

How do I enroll in online courses?

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