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Distance Learning - Computer Requirements

Computer Requirements

Review these computer requirements carefully. Working with the apprpriate computer hardware, software, and an Internet connection is the primary means of participating in courses and academic success. These requirements are subject to change. Please remember that computer technology is constantly changing. We will update this page when necessary.

Internet Connection and Basic Software

Oglala Lakota College's Technical Support Services staff recommends a broadband (cable modem or DSL) Internet connection. While not required, subscribing to a broadband connection may be the most important investment learners can make to improve their online learning experience.

All Learners Minimum Recommended
Internet Connection 56KB modem Broadband (cable or DSL)
Email Capabilities Email client
A unique email address (not shared by
others in a family or company)
Microsoft® Outlook® or Outlook Express
5+ MB of email storage
HTML email capabilities
Hardware* 20 GB of hard disk space 80+ GB of hard disk space
Software* Macintosh®:
MS Word 98 or higher

Windows PC:
MS Word 97/2000/XP or higher
Anti-virus software
MS Office 2008

Windows PC:
MS Office 2007 or higher
AntiVirus Software
(free downloads)
Windows Media Player 9®
Adobe Acrobat® Reader 8 or Foxit PDF Reader
Flash Player 9
Java 1.5.0
Windows Media Player 10®
Adobe Acrobat® Reader 9 or Foxit PDF Reader
Flash Player 9
Java 1.6.0_03

Video card and monitor display capable of 1024x768 pixel resolution
Speakers Sound card

Video card and monitor display capable of 1024x768 pixel resolution
  • Specific courses or programs may have additional requirements. Check the your instructor for specific details. Pop-up blockers will be problematic with our online resources.

Basic Computer Requirements

PC+ Minimum Recommended
Processor 1 GHz 2 GHz
Operating System

Windows® 2000 Pro
Windows XP Home/Pro

Windows XP Home/Pro
Windows Vista
RAM 256 MB 2 GB
Browser ++
(only 1 needed)

Firefox 3.0 (preferred)
Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0

Firefox 3.0 (preferred)
Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0

Basic Macintosh Requirements

Macintosh+ Minimum Recommended
Processor G3 800 MHz G4 1.25 GHz
Operating System OS X (10.3) OS X (10.5)
RAM 256 MB 512+ MB
Browser ++
(only 1 needed)

Firefox 3.0
Safari 3

Firefox 3.0 or better
Safari 3

++ Browsers listed first are OLC's first choice for best performance.

Internet Explorer and Firefox Considerations (Pop-Up Blocking)


  • Firefox is a fast and secure Web Browser
  • Firefox is available for Windows, Macintosh and Linux

Internet Explorer

  • Internet Explorer (IE) is a Web Browser that is prepackaged with Microsoft Windows.
  • Internet Explorer and pop-up blockers
    • IE does not allow pop ups. IE users will want to disable the pop up blocker for the domains listed below

Web Browsers and Pop-up Blocking

  • The web browsers of today do not allow pop-ups by default. For example: Testing is presented to the student in a secure window. This window is interpreted by your web browser as a Pop-up and will be blocked. Students of online courses will need to enable pop-up for one or more of these web sites or domains:
      • shorter versions of these addresses will not work

Steps to Permit Pop-up for these web sites (domains)

  • In Internet Explorer:
    • Click Tools
    • Hover over Pop-up Blocker - Pop-up Blocker Settings
    • Add to the list of allowed websites
    • Click Close
  • In Firefox:
    • Click Tools
    • click Options
    • Click Content
    • Click Exceptions to the right of Block Pop-up windows
    • Allow to the list of allowed websites
    • Click Close

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