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OLC Weekly Bulletin

Wicah’pi Cikala (Little Star) Weekly Bulletin December 8-12, 2014

President’s Office (Tom Shortbull)___ OLC policy allows employees to have the following days off this year during the Christmas and New Year’s holidays: December 24, 25, & 26th for the Christmas holidays, and for New Year’s: Wednesday, December 31st and Thursday, January 1st. The Board of Trustees approved another day off during the Christmas and New Year’s period for Friday, January 2nd. There will be work days on Monday, December 22, Tuesday 23rd, Monday 29th, and Tuesday, December 30th. For the days of December 22, 23, 29, and 30th, annual leave can only be granted if the office you work in is manned for these dates.

Congratulations on the new addition to the OLC family!

Here she is! Ava Corrine Rodriquez! Proud Grandma, Me (Mia Albers-Cuny, Business Office)!! 6 pounds 1 ounce and 19 inches long. Born on November 29th 2014. Oh and proud Great grandparents Terry Albers (Education Dept) and Linda Hunter (Adjunct). )

Condolences and prayers to . . . . Joanne (Susie) White Thunder (Instructor) for the loss of her father-in-law Hobart “Guy” White Thunder . . . .Wanda Reddy (Development) for the loss of her aunt Edith “Ede” Bettelyoun . . . . Holly Provost for the loss of her uncle Will Garnier . . . . and to the family of Sophie Lone Hill, long-time local board member at the Pahin Sinte College Center who recently passed away. Wopila.

Lakota Studies Department (Karen Lone Hill)___2th Annual Lakota Speech Contest Winners! Grades K-3: (Male)1st Silas Red Bear (LWW), 2nd Noah Red Cloud (PSO), 3rd Devon Brown (LWW) – (Female) 1st Leela White (LWW), 2nd Rirraleigh Armentrout LWW), 3-Way Tie 3rd Sarah Mesteth, Harlee Little Bear, Tahca Zephier. Grades 4-8: (Male) 1st Owen Clifford (LWW), 2nd Teron Lone Elk (LWS), 3rd Jacob Horse (PSO) – (Female) 1st Ohiyesa Win Ramirez (LWW), 2nd Tsenesa Ducheneaux (LWW), 3rd Miracle Brown Bull (RF). Grades 9-12: (Male) 1st Trenton Old Horse (LWS), 2nd Maurice Broken Nose (PR) – (Female) 1st Tamera Rooks (LWS), 2nd Marissa Bear Heels (LWS). College (FT): (Male) 1st Alex Fire Thunder –Loeb (OLC), (Female) 1st Dusty Nelson (OLC). Community: (Male) 1st Percy White Plume, 2nd Wade Broken Nose. (Female) 1st Maxine Broken Nose. OLC’s Lakota Woglaka Wounspe immersion school walked away with the Team Trophy with the most wins!! Congratulations to students and staff for a job well done. LWW-Lakota Woglaka Wounspe, LWS-Little Wound School, RF-Rockyford, PR-Pine Ridge, PSO-Pahin Sinte Owayawa

Lakota Woglaka Wounspe (Didier DuPont)___Today at 2:00 pm, December 9, staff and parents will be honoring the Lakota Woglaka Wounspe language team who placed at the Annual Lakota Reservation-wide Speech Contest with sweatshirts. The rest of the team will receive t-shirts. <><><> On Friday, December 12 at 2:00 p.m. Waziya will visit the school bring gifts to the children. <><><> December 16 at 2:00 pm LWW will hold a winter celebration with parents and students. The students will present Lakota skits and songs. <><><> On December 18 the Lakota language team will attend LNI to take part in the language bowl and a second team will attend on December 19 to take part in the Hanpa Pecun/Hand Games. <><><> Open the link below to access the blog by M. Kauffmann (ANA), about the language program, where our Immersion school is presented as a successful grantee program. If you have questions I can be reached at, 605-455-2986. The blog has just been published:

Pass Creek CC (Leslie Heathershaw)___COAT DRIVE! Winter Warm Up. Coats for Kids. Donate Today! November 7 thru December 31, 2014 . Call Elaine G. 455-1126 or Mercy W. 455-2540 for information. Distribution Times/Dates TBA. You may drop fairly used coats off in provided Donation Bins anytime or at the Allen CAP Office 8am-5pm weekdays. We could use some extra big boxes or bins. Please let me know if anyone has any spare to share! We will be distributing the donation bins throughout our community and at PW. Posters sponsored by: Pass Creek Student Org.

Oglala College CC (Jolene Martin)__ Oglala College Center will be doing at toy drive for the children of our students. We have single momma’s & pappa’s and would like to help them out any way we can. What isn’t given away, we will donate to the Oglala Service Center. <><><> Our workshop: Treaties for Dummies, was held on Veterans Day and turned out quite well. This was a collaborative effort of Oglala College Center, our Lakota Culture Class (OCC), and our Student Org. Thank you to those in attendance. <><><> Oglala College Center will be having their Student/Family, and Instructor Appreciation Dinner on 12/08/2014 @ 4:00 PM at our center. In recognition and honor of the efforts put forth by our students and Instructor’s, we would like to share a thanksgiving meal with them and support them as they move on with their educational endeavors. We would also like to introduce our newly elected Local Board Members on this day; Donovan Youngman – BOT member, Trudy New Holy – Local Board, and Tyler Yellow Boy – Local Board. Come share Wopila with us. Wocekiye – Ed Starr. Door prizes – OLC stickers & t-shirts, $20 gift card, queen comforter, school supplies, and household item. Cake – provided by Oglala Center Staff. The is an collaborative effort by Oglala College Center staff and Oglala Student Org. <><><> Lakota virtue for the holiday season: Generosity. A daily practice for us here at Oglala College Center. Happy Holidays!!!!!

Humanities (Kim Bettelyoun___The deadline for literary magazine submissions has been extended. We will take submissions of stories and poems or drawings, paintings or photos until next Wednesday December 10th at 5:00 pm. Please send to I would like you to take a moment of your time to ask if you like to write short stories and poetry. Or maybe your passion lies within picture taking, sketching, drawing or painting. If you would like to share your creations with others, please consider submitting your work to be a part of the OLC Literary Magazine! A name still hasn't been selected so if you have any ideas that can be taken into consideration, please submit them ASAP! The OLC Literary Magazine is more of a short and simple website that can hopefully be printed for a couple hundred copies at the end of the semester. I am in search of any writings, drawings, pictures, paintings, etc. that can be published. If you would like to concentrate your submissions on a theme that would be perfect! Some of the themes you can consider centering your submissions around are; Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Fall and Holidays. However, you can submit whatever you want to share. Please remember that there is a deadline!

TRIO/SSS Program (Milton Fineran)___Benefit Raffle!! TRIO/SSS Program: Wina Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Tablet Computer! $1:00 or 6/5.00. Drawing will be held at LNI. Need not be present to win. 7” Touchscreen, 1.2 GHZX Quad core, Built in speakers, Internet/Wifi and Blue Tooth. 8 Gig memory expandable with SD Card. USB slot, Video/Movie stream to TV. Dual Camera’s: F/R. GPS. Multi User Mode. Contact the OLC TRIO staff: Milton Fineran (PW), Diana Lessert (PSCC), Tammy Steele (PHCC), Al Wounded Head (PSCC), Vanessa Quintana (HSCC,RC).

KOLCTV (Tony Brave)___This week’s schedule from Shields King. Here is the schedule for this week. First we start with the Black Hills Pow Wow Saturday Part 1, fun for the whole family the event held in Rapid City, SD. Second is the Sioux Nation Treaty Council Part 1. Third we have the Indian Water Conference -4. Fourth we present Jerome Greene an author who discusses his book; American Carnage, Wounded Knee 1890, the event was held at Woksape Tipi, Piya Wiconi, Kyle, SD. Fifth is the South Dakota State Political Forum event held at Woksape Tipi. 7:11 a.m. - Black Hills Pow Wow Saturday Part 1 9:15 a.m. - Sioux Nation Treaty Council -1 11:54 a.m. - Indian Water Conference -4 2:05 p.m. - Jerome Greene: American Carnage, Wounded Knee 1890 3:26 p.m. - SD Political Forum 6:35 p.m. - Jerome Greene 7:56 p.m. - Indian Water Conference 10:07 p.m. - Sioux Nation Treaty Council -1 1:46 a.m. - Black Hills Pow Wow Saturday Part 1

December Calendar Make-up Week . . . . . . . . December 8-12 Final Grades Due . . . . . . December 12 Department Chairs/Faculty Christmas Holiday. . . December 15-January 2 Support Staff Christmas Holiday. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . December 24, 25, 26 & December 31 & January 1, 2 Other Announcements SDABBE INVITES YOU TO ATTEND: Lakota Nation Education Conference, December 17-20, 2014 at the Ramkota Inn Rapid City, SD—Pre-registration Fee $ 175.00, After December 1st $ 200.00. For more information call: (605) 407-0667 or Email: ALL INFORMATION CAM BE FOUND AT: This Year’s conference Mitchell Community Theatre is holding mural contest for all Artists in the South Dakota area! Have the chance to create a piece of work seen by tourists, patrons, community members and More!!! The Mural will be painted on our atrium wall visible both inside and outside, across the street from the Corn Palace! All guidelines and applications are located on our website at For any questions or concerns please call our theatre at 996-9137 or email ACT’s Managing Director at Renderings are due January 1, 2015 with a cash prize for first place! Relevant info: Atrium wall is 12ftX19ft; Cash prize of $1,000 to $1,500; There is no theme! The subject and theme of artwork is up to the artist! Unlimited number of entries since pieces will be judged anonymously. Each entry must still include an application. Renderings are due January 1st, Finalists will be anonymously picked from a panel of judges by January 30th, Voting for winner will be open to public by Feb. 1st, Winner will be announced May 1st. • All dates are subject to change if more time is needed for any reason. Deadlines will never be cut short! South Dakota State University to hold statewide student app competition. SDSU is encouraging all South Dakota college students to participate in the university’s upcoming student app development contest. Sponsored by Vision Brookings, with $5,000 in prize money awarded to the winners, the contest will provide college students an opportunity to showcase their technical, entrepreneurial and innovative skills. Students are invited to submit the quality of the idea, its implementation and overall effectiveness. Teams must have at least one member enrolled in a South Dakota technical institute, college or university. Student teams have until 5 p.m. April 1, 2015, to develop and submit their applications. The initial judging round takes place the week starting April 6. The finals are April 17. Time and location will be announced later. Applications are available at: For additional information, contact Aylor at 605-688-4752. For a complete list of contest rules, please visit: 2015 AgrAbility National Training Workshop. Colleagues of the 1994 Land Grant Institutions. I’d like to let you know about our upcoming National Training Workshop (NTW). If you don’t remember exactly what AgrAbility is, AgrAbility is a program sponsored by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) that provides assistance to farmers, ranchers, other agricultural workers (including fishermen), and farm family members impacted by disability. It is our vision to enhance quality of life for these agricultural workers with disabilities through education and assistance. You can check us out on the web at If you and/or any of your colleagues are interested in learning how you can help farmers and ranchers with disabilities among your constituencies (remember that “disabilities” includes things like arthritis, hearing and vision loss, back impairments, injuries, amputations, etc.), please consider coming to this year’s NTW April 13-16, 2015, in Rochester, New York. Your participation could be crucial to farmers and ranchers with disabilities in your area receiving help that can keep them doing what they love to do in agriculture. Please feel free to write or call myself, or Kylie Hendress, if you have any questions or need further information. Hoping to see you in Rochester, Charles (Chuck) Baldwin, NAP Special Populations Outreach Coordinator, Purdue University, ABE Bldg., 225 S. University St., West Lafayette IN 47907-2093, H: (574)253-0252, C: (574)306-7329,, Professionals and consumers from all over the country will participate in four days of plenary sessions, breakouts, tours, networking, and special events. This year’s conference headquarters is the Hyatt Regency Rochester in downtown Rochester, NY. Special conference rate $101/night. Consumer scholarships will be available. Contact info: Kylie Hendress, National AgrAbility Proj., 225 South University St. West Lafayette IN 47907, 800-825-4264.

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