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OLC Weekly Bulletin

Wicah’pi Cikala (Little Star)

Weekly Bulletin August 24-28, 2015

President’s Office (Tom Shortbull)___ August BOT Meetings: Personnel – Monday, August 24th @ 5:00pm at Piya Wiconi. Program Policy @ Noon and Finance @ 1:00pm onTuesday, August 26th at Pine Ridge CC. BOT – Thursday, August 27th @ 5:00pm at Piya Wiconi.

Education (Shannon Amiotte)___ Student Teaching Application Deadline is September 25, 2015 for all students planning on student teaching in the Spring. Application must be complete with all requirements met. Contact the Education Department or center staff for further information or to request an application. Alicia Zephier, Dept. of Education Secretary 605-455-6012.

Allied Health (Gloria Eastman)___Allied Health will be having a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) class at the East Wakpamni CC @ Batesland starting August, 22 thru Sept 13, 2015 from 8:30am to 5:00pm, Saturdays and Sundays. Call Shyla White Lance at 455-6090 for more information.

Lakota Woglaka Wounspe (Valerie Charging Eagle)___Our Lakota Woglaka Wounspe students participated in the virtual choir earlier this spring. They did a wonderful job. I am attaching the information about the project and the link to the video. YouTube search: We Are One-Mitakuye Oyasin. Facebook: Chamber Music Festival of the Black Hills. Web Site: Link to video: The Chamber Music Festival of the Black Hills is pleased to announce the completion and presentation of their newest virtual choir, “We Are One-Mitakuye Oyasin” Virtual Choir. The project features more than 200 area children singing in Lakota and English to an American folksong and composition by local Lakota singer/songwriter, Sequoia Crosswhite. Each child was individually recorded and combined into a massive choir in addition to 3-D graphic effects featuring the area’s culture and heritage.

TRIO/SSS (Milton Fineran)___The TRIO/Student Support Services Program received notice that it is approved for a new Grant for 2016-2021. We scored 116 points: 100 for the perfect application, 12 for meeting objectives over the last several years and 4 for 2 new initiatives. Thanks to the Grant Writer Tom Allen. This is the third time Tom and I have worked on this application; also past SSS staff for meeting objectives, current SSS staff: Al Wounded Head, (PRCC) Diana Lessert, (PSCC) Tammy Steele, (PHCC) Cassie Big Crow, new at (HSCC) and all who assisted over the life of the five year grant cycle (this includes Peer Mentors and Tutors too!). Wopila!!

Ag Extension (Leslie Henry)___Announcing 2015 Wazi Paha Festival! A festival celebrating traditional and contemporary Lakota Life Ways. Saturday, August 29, 2015. Traditional Pow-wow – one day. Registration: 12 noon. Grand Entry 1:00pm. OLC Powwow grounds. Day money for all dancers in full regalia – 3 yrs to Golden Age. First four drums paid. Specials, Intertribal & Social Dancing. All other competitions start 12:00pm, judging at 2:pm. Evening Meal at 5:00pm. Indigenous Games: Traditional Long Bow Archery <> Double Ball <> Hand Games (sponsored by OLC Student Senate in Memory of Wilmer Mesteth). Arts & Crafts: Quill Jewelry (Only) <> Beaded Jewelry (only) <> Quilts & Misc. Cook Off: Soup, Wojapi, BBQ Beef, Fried Bread (Only). Produce: Tomatoes, Corn, Potatoes, Jalapeno Peppers, Bell Peppers, Zucchini Squash (Summer), Hubbard Squash (Winter), Veggie Basket (Vegetable, variety needs to be on the label, or it cannot be entered in the contest). FREE Concessions and Vendor Space. Bring your own Tables and chairs. 605-455-6085, OLC Agriculture Extension Department.

GED-Community/Continuing Ed (Kateri Montileaux)___ Please let anyone you know who is interested in obtaining their GED certificate of the new and improved GED tests! We have moved and are now located in the Applied Science Building, this includes our office and GED testing room. The GED tests are now comprised of four tests instead of five. They are: RLA (Reasoning Through Language Arts), Math, Social Studies, and Science. The price is $40.00 if taken through OLC, with retakes $15.00 per sitting. This means for the day, you can take up to three retakes in one day and it will cost only $15.00, it is not per test. All tests are done electronically on the computer. The new test requires you to have an email account in order to create a GED profile account. The GED profile is where your test results will be sent to and now instead of waiting up to 2 weeks, your scores will be electronically sent to your GED profile with 24-48 hours. All Official GED testing is done in our testing rooms at the Applied Science Building on the OLC campus. Transportation is provided in the form of the OST transit system, gas vouchers, or your local GED Tutor or center staff may provide a ride to and from the testing site. All classroom materials have been updated for every center site and our GED Tutors are more than happy to assist in getting you test ready! There is absolutely NO reason for you to not achieve your goal of a GED certificate. Call your local Oglala Lakota College Center or the main GED office for more information 605-455-6142.

Development (Marilyn Pourier)___ Oglala Lakota College (OLC) opens its 12th Annual “A Vision of Our History by Lakota Artists” summer artist series. The summer artist series runs from June 8 through August 28, 2015. The series features twelve Oglala Lakota artists at OLC’s Historical Center. The schedule of artists featured each week includes: June 8-12 Gus Yellow Hair (Ledger Drawing/Multi Media) June 22-26 Lisa Hernandez (Beadwork) June 29-July 3 Curtis Blue Legs (Dream Catchers/Beadwork) July 6-10 Theresa Ferguson (Starquilts) July 13-17 Jean Roach (Silver/Beadwork) July 22-24 Paulette Iron Crow (Beadwork) August 3-7 James Under Baggage (Alabaster & Pipestone Carvings) August 10-14 Michael Two Bulls (Mixed Media Painting) August 17-21 Dino Yellow Horse (Multi Media: Deer Antler Carvings/Jewelry, Beadwork. August 24-28 Tilda Long Soldier–St. Pierre (Beadwork) A Vision of Our History by Lakota Artists” coincides with the summer opening of OLC’s Historical Center. We encourage you to bring your class(es) to the Historical Center to see a prominent display of art and photographs that chronicle the history of the Oglala Lakota from the early 1800’s to the Wounded Knee Massacre in 1890. An audiotape of this history provides greater meaning to the displays. The Historical Center is open full-time from June 8 through August 28, 2015, Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The 30 minute presentation includes a 5 min. video with President Shortbull and the history of Indian education and the tribal colleges. If you would like to schedule a class to visit the Historical Center after August 28th please contact development staff Wanda at 455-

Book Store (Myreen Iron Cloud)___Fall 2015 Book Distribution Schedule Monday, August 24, 2015 He Sapa/Rapid City 9:30-3:00 Tuesday, August 25, 2015 He Sapa/Rapid City 9:30-3:00

KOLC TV (Tony Brave)___ Here is the Schedule for the week. 7:12 a.m. - Quilt Preservation and Documentation Presentation held at Woksape Tipi Library on the OLC Piya Wiconi Campus 8:30 a.m. - Red Ink 25th Anniversary Launch Party held at Woksape Tipi Library on the OLC Piya Wiconi Campus 10:48 a.m. - OLC Bravehearts Men vs. Dine College Warriors Men/ Hosted in Multi-Purpose Building/Gymnasium on the OLC Piya Wiconi Campus 12:13 p.m. - Youth Stock Concert held at Pine Ridge Pow Wow Grounds 1:47 p.m. - Wilmer Mesteth Lakota Culture Class "Creation Story" 3:16 a.m. - Quilt Preservation and Documentation Presentation held at Woksape Tipi Library on the OLC Piya Wiconi Campus 4:34 a.m. - Red Ink 25th Anniversary Launch Party held at Woksape Tipi Library on the OLC Piya Wiconi Campus 6:52 p.m. - OLC Bravehearts Men vs. Dine College Warriors Men Hosted in Multi-Purpose Building/Gymnasium on the OLC Piya Wiconi Campus 8:18 p.m. - Youth Stock Concert Held at Pine Ridge Pow Wow Grounds 9:51 p.m. - Wilmer Mesteth Lakota Culture Class "Creation Story"

Fall 2015 Calendar August 24 Classes Begin Sept. 7-11 Last Week to Drop 100% Sept. 7 Labor Day (Offc Closed, Classes Meet)

Students Former OLC student Vaughn Vargas was recently appointed Cultural Advisory Coordinator for the Rapid City Police Department. This position was created as a reactionary supplement for the on-going race relations discussions happening in Rapid City. Among the first goals Vargas has set for his position has been to form a Cultural Advisory Committee with local concerned tribal members. Says Vargas: “I would like to leave it up to the community to pick the board. I would like to see people coming forward and volunteering to help with this effort” (from Native Sun News 7/21/15). Vaughn attended OLC and transferred to the South Dakota School of Mines as an engineering student.

Bo Paulsen, former OLC student now a mechanical engineering at the School of Mines, took first place at the Undergraduate Research Symposium for his project on a cold-spray repair process for components made from alloy 718. His research resulted in a cold-spray repair process for components made of alloy 718, a very expensive metal used in the manufacturing of airraft, helicopters, spaceships, oil pipelines and bio-medical devices (from Rapid City Journal 8/17/15).

Community Medicine Root Farmers Market NOW OPEN. Daily 9:00am to 4:00pm at the Kyle Youth Center. Fresh locally grown vegetables. Fresh farm eggs. Friday’s Only: Fresh homemade bread, donuts & cinnamon rolls (biscuits, loaves, kabubu, etc). Call 455-2544 for more information.

Other Announcements 2015 Festival of Books. The Festival of Books is scheduled for September 24-27 in Rapid City and Deadwood, SD. The Exhibitors Hall located in the Event Center at the Deadwood Mountain Grand – Holiday Inn Resort will be the site of book sales, book signings, concessions and special events. Questions! Contact Jennifer Widman by e-mail,, or phone, 605-688-5715.

USDA, SD Rural Development. Multiple Positions opening soon Student Interns and Recent Graduates. USDA, South Dakota Rural Development. Apply at (search South Dakota). Part-time and full-time positions will be available for assessing credit risk and understanding and employing good lending principles in the following loan & grant program areas: Community Programs, Business Programs, Single Family & Multi-Family Housing. Relevant Majors include Accounting, Agriculture Economics, Banking & Credit, Business Administration, Finance, Economics, Community and Regional Planning and similar areas of study. Most positions will be for appointments until September 30, 2015, with possible consideration for any full-time permanent positions available at that time. For a list of frequently asked questions pertaining to the Pathways Programs, please visit for information regarding the available positions and the USDA Pathways Programs, please contact Kay Daugherty, South Dakota-Administrative Officer, or 605-352-1105. USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer

BIA Office of Justice Services. In an effort to meet our recruitment needs the BIA OJS has implemented “ accepted service” hiring authority. Below is a list of districts who are hiring directly. If you have a student that finds a location below that he or she may be interested in working at, they can call that district directly. Accepted Service hiring authority application requirements: (Must be an enrolled member of a tribe for Accepted Service Hiring Authority). Resume, BIA 4432 Form, Copy of DD214, Copy of SF 50, Copy of College Transcripts. District I – Aberdeen SD: Winnebago, Crow Creek, Lower Brule, Standing Rock, Fort Totten, Turtle Mountain. 605-226-7347. District II – Oklahoma City OK: Anadarko, Pawnee, Concho, Miami. 504-603-1560. District III – Phoenix AZ: Wastern Nevada, Eastern Nevada, Hopi, Uintah & Ouray. 602-379-6958. District IV – Albuquerque, NM: Northern Pueblos, Southern Pueblos, Mescalero, Ute Mountain Ute, Laguna. 505-563-3882. District V – Billings MT: Blackfeet, Northern Cheyenne, Crow, Wind River. 406-657-5936. District VII – Minneapolis MN: Net Lake.