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OLC Weekly Bulletin

Wicah’pi Cikala (Little Star)

President’s Office (Tom Shortbull)___ May BOT Meetings: May 27: Program Policy @ noon at Pine Ridge CC. May 27: Finance @ 1:00pm Pine Ridge CC & May 28 Personnel @ 5:00pm at Piya Wiconi. May 29: BOT Meeting @ 5:00-pm at Piya Wiconi.

Library (Michelle May)___ Rescheduled FROM May 2, NOW.... JUNE 21, 2014, 3:00 PM, Woksape Tipi BOOKSIGNING with TASUNKA artist Don Montileaux and Lakota translator Agnes OLC library 455-6069 for more information!!!! <><><> OLC Candidate Forum was a great event, candidate specific posts forthcoming. May 19, 2014 Ken Santema (SoDakLiberty). Leave a comment Go to comments QA session at the OLC candidate forum. Last Friday the Oglala Lakota College (OLC) hosted a South Dakota Congressional, Senatorial and Gubernatorial Candidates forum (I mentioned this forum here and here). It was held on the OLC campus at the Woksape Tipi Library. I would say this has actually been the best of all the forums/debates I have attended thus far this year. The OLC Woksape Tipi Library staff should be proud of the work they put into this event. It was great to see a candidate forum offered during the ‘primary season’ that also allowed Independent candidates. Such a forum allows everyone to see the candidates and how they stack up against their own party and other political viewpoints at the same time. Later today or tomorrow I plan to post the following blog articles about the three different portions of the open forum. I also plan to post the audio files so everyone that wants to can hear what the candidates had to say. <> D Gubernatorial candidates forum. In attendance were the following gubernatorial candidates: Susan Wismer (D), Joe Lowe (D), Lora Hubbel (R), and Mike Myers (I). The only gubernatorial candidate not in attendance was the incumbent Dennis Daugaard (R). <> SD Congressional & Senatorial candidates forum. In attendance were the following senatorial candidates: Stace Nelson (R) and Jason Ravnsborg (R). The senatorial candidates that declined the invitation to the forum were Larry Rhoden (R), Rick Weiland (D), Larry Pressler (I), and Gordon Howie (I). There were two senatorial candidates that did not even have the courtesy to decline the invitation and instead failed to respond: Mike Rounds (R) and Clayton Walker (I). As for Congressional candidates the only one in attendance was Corina Robinson (D); Kristi Noem (R) declined the event. Since only two senatorial and one congressional candidates were in attendance the three joined together for one forum. <> QA with candidates. After the two forums were done there was a QA session with candidates still in attendance (some had to leave by this time for other committed events). The five that were still around for the QA session were Joe Lowe, Stace Nelson, Corina Robinson, Jason Ravnsborg, and Mike Myers. <> The event was moderated by Tom Casey and was livecast on KILI Radio and KOLC TV. Each candidate was given 5 minutes for an opening statement, two minutes to answer each question, and then an additional five minutes at the end for closing statements. This is one of those events that is a win-win for constituents and candidates. Constituents win because they are able to hear from the candidates their stances on a number of topics; many of which are not in their normal list of issues. The candidates win because they are able to reach out to more voters and show they actually want to serve the people of South Dakota in general; and for those living on the reservation in particular. Hopefully more of these forums can be held in the future; especially at OLC. On a somewhat-related note.. After the event I spent the evening visiting with various people on the Pine Ridge Reservation. In the future I plan posts centered around topics that I believe all people in SD (both on and off the reservation) should be aware of: SD DSS mishandling of native-American adoptions and foster care, federal land grab in the Badlands that impacts Lakota ranchers, and the creation and use of the cryptocurrency Mazacoin by the Traditional Lakota Nation. Sadly these are all topics either being ignored by the mainstream media; or not covered with any interest in the truth. Education (Thomas Raymond)___Students planning to do their student teaching next fall or in the Spring of 2015 need to be aware that the deadline date for the Spring Semester of 2014-2015 is September 25, 2014. Incomplete Applications or Applications submitted after the due date WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Activities Committee (Theresa Lone Hill)___Reminder: Graduation weekend and powwow is around the corner, June 20 -22. Thank you to all who have donated to date. The category sheet is posted by the Business Office at Piya Wiconi. If you select your category to donate to you still have time for payroll deduction, a little bit taken directly out of your check. You won’t miss it! So, stop by Piya Wiconi and select which category you would like to sponsor, the payroll deduction forms are right there with the category sheet…… Each category is ranging from $500 down to $40 or you can give any amount even if it is only $5 or $10. Let’s all work together and have a Fabulous Graduation Celebration!! Come in, sign up on the sheet, fill out your payroll D form, take it to Holly in payroll and you’re all set!! Wanda Reddy, Activities Committee Secretary/Direct Mail Clerk.

KOLC TV (Tony Brave)___ Anpetu Waste Lakota Oyate, New schedule for KOLC-TV. First off we start with the Tribal Council meeting that was held in pine ridge middle school gym a continuation from April 3rd, next we go to a hearing on Judge Wynne a serious debate on certain issues, next is the KXL pipeline meeting that was held on day 1 February 13 part 7, then we end it on a Civic Center pow-wow Saturday evening contest that was on October 12. Here are the programs and their times that will be showing on KOLC-TV this week. 7:11 -am- Tribal Council meeting in pine ridge middle school gym. 11:35 -am- OST Chief Judge Wynne compliant hearing. 2:23 -pm- KXL pipeline meeting day 1 part 7. 3:53 -pm- Saturday evening contest pow-wow at the civic center. 7:20 -pm- Tribal Council meeting in pine ridge middle school gym. 11:44 -pm- OST Chief Judge Wynne compliant hearing. Wopila Tanka, KOLC-TV, Anthony Brave, KOLC-TV Manager

Community TAKING APPLICATIONS FOR AMERICORPS POSITIONS AT RED CLOUD And OUR LADY OF LOURDES For school year 2014-15 Deadline is June 1 ,2014 Stipend and Education Award For more information and to pick up applications CONTACT: Margi Bettelyoun at Red Cloud School 867.5888 ext. 216 Red Cl

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