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Clonezilla is a linux program and distribution that will allow you to clone a hard disk drive over a network connection. Their are two versions of Clonezilla: Sever Edition and Live. This is a guide to help you clone one system to another system using Clonezilla live. This method is called unicast. Clonezilla Server Edition supports multi-cast, which is cloning to muliple systems at one time.

Getting Started

To use Clonezilla you will need a copy of Clonezilla Live on a bootable USB drive or CD. To download Clonezilla visit: You will also need two computers with similar hardware specs. The computers need to attached in the same switched network environment. A simple way to create a bootable USB drive from a Clonezilla ISO is to use the application UNETBOOTIN. You can download this app from .

Setting up the first machine

First you need to boot the machine that you are going to clone. Check your machines settings to learn how to boot from a USB or CD. The buttons are usually one of your Function keys at the top of the keyboard. Choose the Default Resolution. Then your should come to this screen: Lang.png

Don't change the key map unless you have problems with your keyboard: Keymap.png

Press Enter to start Clonezilla. Start1.png

In this tutorial we are cloning a disk from one computer to another so select the device-device option. Device.png

Since we are going to clone the disk over a network we will choose the disk_to_remote_disk option. Remote1.png

We will be using a static IP address for this network clone. If you computer is connected to a network that allows DHCP you can get your IP address automatically and skip through the networking settings of this tutorial. Just remember to record the IP address that you assigned because you will need it later. Static.png

For this step we need to collect information about your network. Find out what your networking addressing scheme by checking another computer or by contacting your network administrator. Find a range of IP adresses not being used. We will need two IP addresses: one for this computer and one for the computer we are applying the hard disk image too. For now though we just need the latter. You will also want to jot down the netmask, gateway, and dns for the following steps. Address1.png

Type the netmask and press enter. Mask.png

Type the gateway in. (note: the gateway may not be necessary for all network environments. Check with your administrator) Gateway.png

Type the IP of the DNS server. (note: If your network does not have a dns server, you can leave this blank. Check with you administrator) Dns.png

Press enter to select the highlighted Hard Drive. Hdd.png

On this page there are some additional parameters you can change. Since we are just making a 1:1 clone over the network, just press enter to select the default options. Options.png

At this time we have an option to decide how we want to set up our partion table on our target machine. We are making an exact copy of our machine so we will just use the default setting to copy the partitiion table. Just press enter. Partition.png

Now we are machine is ready to be cloned. Type "y" then press enter. Yes.png

You should now see this screen. Our machine is ready and listening on the network. It is now save to remove your USB or CD of clonezilla. Now go to the other machine and boot it up with your copy of Clonezilla. Ready.png

Setting up the second machine

Once you have started up second machine set up your language and keymap the same as before. Lang.png Keymap.png

When prompted with this screen select the option to Enter the command line prompt. The type in the number 2 to start the command line. Entersh.png

Change to root by typing:

  sudo su -

Set up networking for the second machine by typing in:


Again you will be prompted with enter an IP address. Enter your second IP address, netmask, and gateway like before. Address2.png

Start Cloning

Now all you have to do is type in this command followed by the IP address the machine your are cloning to start the process. Type:

   ocs-onthefly -s "IP ADDRESS" -t hda


You will be prompted with several warnings. Since we are making a 1:1 copy of the hard drive, just type Y and press enter when prompted. Warnings.png

If everything went well your should see a screen similar to this Finish.png

Wait for the process to finish. Once it is finished you can remove the Clonezilla disks from both machines and reboot. You should now have an exact clone of your machine.