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Oglala Lakota College added their 11th college center extension in the spring of 2006. In the fall of 2006, the Cheyenne River College Center was opened and welcomed 95 new and retuning college students. This campus is located on the old Si Tanka University campus, which was closed due to financial difficulties in late 2005. OLC was able to provide an accredited college education to the inhabitants of Cheyenne River.

The Cheyenne River College Center established their Student Organization during the spring semester of 2007. Then center director, Lenora Hudson, gave the go-ahead to students to set up the first election cycle and thus, history was made. The first set of officers that year were as follows; President, Bill E. Iron Hawk, Vice President Luta Martinez, Secretary LuAnne Bruguier, and Treasurer Duciana Eagle Chasing. For the 2007-2008 school year, our second & third set of officers included; President (fall) Derek Fiddler & (spring) George Eagle Chasing, Vice President (fall) George Eagle Chasing & (spring) Valerie Collins, Secretary (fall) Andrea Two Crow & (spring) Jeffrey Betone, Treasurer LuAnne Bruguier and for the first time, Student Senate Representative, Charlene Fiddler.

The current 2008-2009 S.O. Officers are:

~ President ~ LuAnne Bruguier

~ Vice President ~ Valerie Collins

~ Secretary ~ Jeffery Betone

~ Treasurer ~ Paulette Eagle Staff

~ Student Senate Representative ~ Althea Iron Sheild

~ Piya Wiconi Okolakiciye Representative ~ Monique Cetanzi

~ Advisor~ Laura Bagola

According to our current constitution and by-laws, a member of the CRCC Student Org is defined as, "any enrolled Oglala Lakota College student who attends the (CRCC)". While it is difficult to set regular meeting dates, they are usually bi-monthly between 4pm and 6pm in the Conference Room (aka student kitchen). Signs are always posted and all students are encouraged to ask any officer when the next meeting will be held.

Student groups that participate as an extension of the S.O. are the AIHEC Committee, AIBL, The Chess Club and the CRCC Topic.

The AIHEC Committee is primarily in charge of raising funds for the CRCC students to attend the annual spring AIHEC Student Conference. While students on official OLC teams are fully funded, any student not on a team must go through their Student Orgs. At our center in addition to mandatory attendance to all A.C. meetings, the A.C. criteria for eligibility is as follows: -Returning Students: A min. 2.0 GPA and acceptable attendance, must fundraise starting in fall. -New Spring Students: Very good attendance and 150% fund raising efforts -Sign the Alcohol & Drug free agreement -Fill out a daily activity log while at the conference.

AIBL is not a direct extension of the S.O., but it is another student group. The American Indian Business Leaders chapter at CRCC is currently fund raising and holds its meetings on Wednesdays at 4pm. Contact AIBL President Paulette Eagle Staff for more information.

The Chess Club is a brand new student groups consisting of dedicated members who say that, "If it weren't for chess, we would be out there doing bad things, so this saves us." A wonderful motive for any group. They can be found around a spare computer playing virtual chess at any given free period when the computer lab is not in use. Contact President Andre for more info.

The CRCC Topic is the center bi-monthly newsletter consisting of news important to the students. Most of the information is comprised of campus happenings, S.O. updates, study tips, community events and fun tid bits for the students in their off times. For the 2008-2009 school year, the Topic has been an on-line source through the site Contact Editor Valerie Collins for more info.

The next scheduled Student Org meeting will be the week prior to AIHEC departure. Stay tuned!

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