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The operating system for the Asus EEE PC 701 is Xandros. Xandros is a hybrid of Debian Linux. The creators of Xandros used the Debian source code and tailored it to meet the needs of the ASUS EEE PC. Now, logically you would think Debian software and packages could be downloaded and work on the EEE PC. Doing this would result in serious problems to your EEE PC. A very good and certain way to break your system!!

The most stable and safest way is to install software and packages from Xandros or Xandros Desktop Edition 4 (Xandros 4). The fact that Xandros was derived from Debian, many EEE PC users have made there own repositories that will work on the EEE PC! Some of the community repositories you can add and download from are:

Information gathered from the support forums on Eeeuser