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Institutional Development Vision

The Institutional Development Office strongly supports the Vision of Oglala Lakota College (OLC) to Rebuild the Lakota Nation through Education by developing support through its fundraising efforts and the promotion of OLC. The Institutional Development office strives to advance the Mission of the college through the support of individual donors and other funding sources, and to promote the work of the college through direct mail, publications, paper and print media and tourism. The Institutional Development Office promotes the college guided by the Lakota values of respect, generosity, wisdom, fortitude, bravery and humility.

Our goal for students past, present and future is to continue to focus our fundraising and promotional efforts on the Rebuilding the Lakota Nation through Education Scholarship Endowment Campaign. Our goal is that in 50-100 years anyone who wants to attend OLC will be fully funded based on financial need. As a result students will not have to worry about finances while working toward their degree.

We pledge to uphold OLC’s Vision to Rebuild the Lakota Nation through Education “one student, one graduate” at a time.

We invite you to join us for one of the most important events on the Pine Ridge Reservation -- OLC’s graduation ceremony and powwow the third weekend in June – and to visit the Historical Center on the administrative campus 6 miles SE of Kyle, SD. Please feel free to call the development staff listed above for more information.

Quote taken from Chief Fools Crow’s last graduation address in 1988. Chief Fools Crow was one of the last traditional chiefs of the Oglala Lakota Nation. He was a supporter of the college from its inception and he often spoke to the graduates. “My children, today are difficult times for our people. It has been for many years, since we were put on this reservation. Our grandfathers told us that life is a never ending circle and our circle was broken when we were put here. Oglala Lakota College is helping our people to come back full circle-through education. You people (the graduates) have been educated in both ways, Lakota and non-Indian (academic). Use those tools wisely and help our people become self-sufficient and proud as we once were. You are our leaders, don’t let the circle remain broken. These tools you were given are a gift and are ones that will make us strong once again.”