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Employee Assistance Program

Don Giago Employee Assistance Program Director/Student Affairs Phone Email

Your valuable resource for personal and workplace issues

The Oglala Lakota College offers the services of the Employee Assistance Program to its employees at all levels. The OLC EAP is a valuable resource for assisting management and employees with individual and organizational concerns. The OLC EAP is available to provide confidential and expert consultation to management working with employees having problems affecting their work and to employees having problems which affect their job performance. Consultation occurs in a variety of areas including:

  • Effectively talking with employees about their performance problems.
  • Assisting with ideas to reinforce acceptable behavior and performance.
  • Discussing strategies for difficult communications with employees.
  • Managing conflict among employees and in the workplace.
  • Assistance in managing threats of violence.
  • Making referrals to other professional consultants and/or organizations.
  • Providing mediation services.
  • Response to critical incidents including: sudden death of a coworker; homicide, accidents, and other sudden and unexpected terrible events that affect the workplace.

EAP services are...

  • Confidential
  • Voluntary
  • Proven
  • No Charge
  • Accessible

The use of the EAP is voluntary for management and employees. Supervisors cannot force employees to seek assistance, and employees can seek assistance voluntarily. But the process of recognizing problem situations and responding with an EAP referral is a normal and expected supervisory task. The supervisor's primary responsibility is to maintain a productive work environment and to promote employee development.

Referral to EAP helps accomplish both.

How to Contact EAP

To schedule an appointment or consult with the Employee Assistance Program Director, please call the EAP office Phone, OR stop by the EAP office.


Confidentiality is the foundation of the Employee Assistance Program's success. Privacy is protected by strict confidentiality laws, regulations and by professional ethical standards. Exceptions to confidentiality will be fully explained at the time of intake.


Mediation is an informal, constructive, confidential and cost-effective way for all levels of OLC employees to negotiate differences and move forward. The EAP Director can talk with you about your workplace dispute and provide assistance through the EAP or talk about mediation services near you.