Bringing quality education to the Lakota People

Assessment Committee


To support OLC's vision to rebuild the Lakota Nation through education by strengthening assessment of student learning and institutional effectiveness.


To advise all OLC units and standing committees on matters regarding assessment and to set direction for the College's work in institutional effectiveness planning and the assessment of student learning.

The specific activities of the Assessment Committee involve setting direction for the College's work in assessment of student learning, reviewing institutional effectiveness planning documents, the annual institutional effectiveness reports., and formulating recommendation on a broad range of subjects related to organizational assessment and institutional effectiveness planning.

The Assessment Committee meets monthly to take up assessment-related issues that arise. These meetings are open, and faculty, administration, and staff are encouraged to attend. The work of the Assessment Committee is closely related to the work of the Instructional Affairs Council.


Members of the Assessment Committee and their contact information is provided:

  • Susanne Auer (chair; Humanities & Social Science)
  • Kim Petersen (vice chair; Humanities and Social Science)
  • Monique Apple (secretary; Social Work)
  • Ted Hamilton (ex-officio; Assessment Director))
  • Marlene Bear Stops (Lakota Studies)
  • Karen Lone Hill (Lakota Studies)
  • Kim Petersen (Humanities & Social Science)
  • Richie Meyers (Humanities and Social Science)
  • Linda Olsen (Education)
  • Karla Witt (Math, Science, and Technology)
  • Crystal Paulson (Vocational Education)

Schedule of Meetings

Date: Each all Staff Day
Location: Graduate Studies Department Conference Room
Time: 10:00am - 12 noon