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Our Mission: Oglala Lakota College is chartered by the Oglala Sioux Tribe. Its mission is to provide educational opportunities that enhance Lakota life. These opportunities include community services, certificates, GED, associate, bachelor, and graduate degrees. Oglala Lakota College provides a framework of excellence for student knowledge, skills, and values towards piya wiconi - a new beginning for harmony in fulfillment of aspirations and dreams. Oglala Lakota College is committed to continuous improvement and is creating Oglala Lakota University through outstanding teaching, research, community service, and assessment.

Training Today's Leaders: The result of our activities on the reservation; Lakota people are now employed in teaching, nursing, human services, business, computer, and vocational positions providing services and support to the people and families of Pine Ridge reservation.

A Leader in Education to Native People: Oglala Lakota College was one of the first tribally controlled colleges in the United States. The concept of a tribally controlled college is that it be sanctioned by an Indian tribe, governed by a Board of Trustees made up of tribal members; and meets the needs of reservation people in their pursuit of higher education. In 2011, OLC was recognized as a Beating the Odds institution by a report of the HCM Strategist, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. This recognition was given for being a Tribal college that produces a high number of Bachelor and Master Degree graduates.

Educational Degree and Student Population: From its initial status as a community college, Oglala Lakota has grown to now offer Baccalaureate degrees and several Master degrees in Lakota Leadership and Education. Our current average enrollment is 1,800 plus students.